Photo by Wayne Beckman

We’re Bruce (“VanMarmot”) and Linda (“LovedOne”) and we live in the State of Jefferson.  We have transmogrified from our working life incarnations and are now devoting ourselves to better living through hiking, backpacking, rafting, snowshoeing, gardening, and fiber arts – and the occasional noble gesture.  This website is a work-in-progress repository for text (some) and images (many) recording our wanderings out Back of Beyond, with the proviso that we only post about that which we have done ourselves.  In that regard, we’ve had many magnifient experiences out there, and, to be honest, a few (very few, fortunately) less than stellar ones, but being out there has never been boring. Since we’re sadly short on poetical literary skills, our posts necessarily lean toward informative rather than emotive, but hopefully they’re still interesting enough to encourage you to wander out, hike your own hikes, and experience Back of Beyond for yourself.


Our description of any given hike or trip reflects how we did that hike or trip and what we experienced at the time we did it.  But road, trail, and other conditions are ALWAYS changing.  And you are not us (lucky you!).  So PLEASE pursue your own hike or trip guided first and foremost by your own knowledge, judgment, and common sense, given the conditions facing you at that time. We are not liable for any injury or damages you or anyone in your party may suffer as a result of relying on our descriptions.