Naomi Peak (Utah) 24-Aug-2008

Naomi Peak Utah

This was the last hike on our great Western U.S. roadtrip, this time 20 miles east of Logan, Utah. Our previous hikes on this trip were in forested terrain very similar to that in western Oregon. The area around Naomi Peak (9,980 feet) in Utah’s Mount Naomi Wilderness is more reminiscent of that around Bend or Sunriver – as was the weather – in the high 80ºF range with 11% humidity. A short hike but definitely something a little different for this trip.

From the trailhead (at 8,000 feet) to the summit (at 9,980 feet) is only 6.4 miles roundtrip with and 1,900 feet of elevation gain, but the threat of hiking in the scorching desert got us started early.

Naomi Peak Utah
Start of the Naomi Peak Trail

The trail begins in sagebrush and forest, then climbs gradually above the forest into rockier, more exposed terrain.

Naomi Peak Utah
Rockier terrain
Naomi Peak Utah
Rockier terrain

This formation of eroded bedded strata is completely natural, although at first glance it looked like someone was carving stadium seating.

Naomi Peak Utah
Rock bleechers

The summit is all rock,

Naomi Peak Utah
On the summit

with a great view out over Logan in the Logan River Valley,

Naomi Peak Utah
Overlooking Logan, Utah

and is staffed by a “summit host” with a weakness for peanuts.

Naomi Peak Utah
You can pass the snacks now…

We were back at the trailhead before noon, which was a good thing in that hiking around in the high heat and low humidity was more tiring than we’d expected. This was another great hike in fascinating terrain, with a summit and view too!


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