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Gunsight Mountain (Eastern Oregon) 07-Jul-2012

Gunsight Mountain Elkhorn Range Eastern Oregon

For this, our last day in Eastern Oregon, we wanted a short, but view-filled, hike. A scramble up Gunsight Mountain, near Anthony Lake in the Elkhorns, seemed ideal. This hike is #50 in Bond’s 75 Scrambles in Oregon (2005).

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Lookout Mountain (Eastern Oregon) 05-Jul-2012

Lookout Mountain Grant County Oregon

There are eight peaks named “Lookout Mountain” in Oregon. In 2010, Terry Richard wrote an Oregonian article about the one in Grant County, seemingly only because it’s one of Oregon’s 8,000 foot summits (8,082 feet). This Lookout Mountain is directly west of Strawberry Mountain (the high point in Grant County)and since we’d hiked Strawberry Mountain a couple of years ago, we thought it would be interesting to see Strawberry Mountain from Lookout Mountain. In retrospect, it’s not clear why we thought this, but there you are…

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