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Yosemite & the High Sierra 13/22-Jul-2013

Sierra Nevada Yosemite High Sierra Camps

After the LovedOne tweaked a disc in her cervical spine our ability to do multi-day backpacks pretty much came to an end (this was before we discovered ME-2 Packs). I despaired at ever being able to share with her the High Sierra – where I had spent almost all of the 1980s backpacking and climbing. Then it dawned on me (duh!) that the Yosemite High Sierra Camps offered us another chance. With these, you carry just your personal gear – which I can do for both of us – and the camps supply tents and food. There are a total of five camps and the ideal trip is to hike them in a continuous loop. But access is limited by a lottery (which this year had 3900 applications for 900 spaces), so we weren’t able to score a loop but did score the highest (Vogelsang), lowest (Merced Lake), and most remote (both) of the five camps. Continue reading

Shriner Peak (Mount Rainier National Park) 17-Jul-2013

Shriner Peak Mount Rainier National Park

I had a business meeting in Yakima, Washington and decided to squeeze in a hike of something on the way back to Portland, Oregon. I’d had Shriner Peak on the east side of Mount Rainier National Park on my list for a while and as it’s conveniently located just off Highway 12 between Yakima and Interstate-5, that’s where I headed.

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