A Night to Remember 08-Nov-2016 (update)

Mount McLoughlin Oregon

08 DEC 2016

Well, folks, judging by who the new Captain is proposing to take aboard as his crew, we’re in for another round of the clearcut/stripmine/privatize craze that the out-of-doors endured 30 plus years ago, only this time it’s not just one member of the proposed crew who’s keen on this.  Between the climate change deniers (Chinese hoax!), the public lands privatizers, the “no budget for National Parks” crowd, the former fossil fuel executives, and more lobbyists than ticks on a hound, our out-of-doors are once again in deep peril.  All of this simplistic fascination with cut/dig/despoil/lock-up is completely at odds with the substantial economics (and jobs) associated with outdoor recreation – from hiking to hunting to all outdoorsy pursuits in between – a sustainable industry that each year generates $646 billion in consumer spending and supports 6.1 million direct jobs (more).  And these bozos are intent on throwing all of this away for a handful to transient extraction jobs and the ideology of plutocracy?  So sad.  So very sad.

08 NOV 2016

Wednesday, the 9th, was a sunny day, one that called out for a hike.  But after the SHOCK and AWE of Tuesday night going into Wedesday morning, all we could do was sit paralyzed on the couch, staring at our shelves of guide books, while our little hiking boots sat in the corner of the room and whimpered.  Our President has said that we should withhold judgment and give the new guy a chance.  Sure, why not – what choice do we have?  So, as the Ship of State plows on into uncharted waters, we can only guess at what our new Captain has in store for us.  Hopefully (and it’s just that) we won’t see a repeat of the reign of terror that James G. Watt and his clearcut/stripmine/privatize cronies unleashed on the Department of the Interior and the Outdoors back during the Reagan Administration.


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