Beaded Waters (May 2017)

We find water droplets – particularly those on leaves – inherently fascinating, as they seem to serve as metaphors for a wide range of human perceptions and emotions.

Badger Creek Wilderness Oregon

Little Badger Creek, Badger Creek Wilderness, Oregon (2014)

Kings Mountain Tillamook State Forest Oregon

Tree fungus near Kings Mountain, Tillamook State Forest, Oregon (2010)

Little Grayback Trail Oregon

Little Grayback Trail (#921), Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, Oregon (2015)

Big Huckleberry Mountain Washington

Pacific Crest Trail near Big Huckleberry Mountain, Gifford Pichot National Forest, Washington (2012)

Humbug Mountain State Park Oregon

Leaf on a leaf, Humbug Mountain State Park, Oregon (2016)

Payette Trail Applegate Lake Oregon

Osprey Trail (#973), Applegate Lake, Oregon (2017)

Indian Heaven Wilderness Washington

Cultus Creek, Indian Heaven Wilderness, Washington(2013)


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