A Week in New Mexico 21-Jun-2018

Taos New Mexico

Our family is still scattered across the United States and still follows varying schedules and lifestyles, so arranging a get-together still involves multi-dimensional problem solving.  Our animating criterium for selecting a locale was (and is) for one where we can all be together but still have different things to do (because, inexplicably, we’re not all hikers).  Last year, we visited the North Shore of Lake Superior and that turned-out great.

This year (which was last year’s runner-up locale) we spent a week in Taos, New Mexico – attracted in large part by its fame as an art colony. We couldn’t quite get everyone together for this one but we got close. The LovedOne and I went out ahead of the rest, both to finalize housing and to get acclimated to the altitude (Taos is at 6,969 feet). After two nights at the classic Historic Taos Inn, we moved in with the rest of the crew at our rental house (Scrabble House) on the outskirts of Taos. From there, we would fan out for hiking, art appreciation, sightseeing, and pizza. All went well (except for the complete closure of the Carson National Forest due to fire danger) and there were no unseemly incidents in public spaces.

Next year’s get-together locale has already been decided – exotic Providence, Rhode Island for our nephew’s wedding (where there may be embarrassing behavior by the uncles…).

Taos New Mexico
Scrabble House
Taos New Mexico
The LovedOne at the John Dunn Bridge across the Rio Grande
Taos New Mexico
Clouds at sunset from the Scrabble House
Taos New Mexico
Sunset at the Scrabble House

Hikes we did during our visit to Taos:


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