Canoeing on the Yampa River (June 1992)

Up until 2008, our adventures were retained only as memories and on Kodachromes. While our memories may have faded (just a bit), the Kodachromes haven’t – and we have a lot of them. So we’re digitizing a select few to bring some of our past adventures into the 21st Century. This is one of those.

Before we succumbed to rafting, we gave canoeing a try on the Yampa River in Colorado.  The Yampa is the only unregulated and naturally flowing major tributary remaining in the Colorado River system. This was a 4-day trip sponsored by the Colorado Mountain Club, who supplied all the canoeing gear. It was not, however, along the very scenic portion of the river within Dinosaur National Monument. Our trip was a ways upstream, in flat, open country populated mostly by cows.  Still, it was a non-threatening way to test our canoe enthusiasm. We enjoyed the river but found that a canoe cannot have two captains if you want it to actually follow the river. Plus you have to paddle. Years – and a folbot trip – would go by before we embraced rafting, where someone else (the guide) is the captain and paddling is minimal.

Put-in near Craig, Colorado
Our canoe loaded and ready to go
This section of the Yampa is rapid-free as it meanders through open country
Pulling-in for lunch
One of our camps along the river
Flowing wide and flat through some low hills
Our take-out near Maybell, Colorado


  1. Thanks! I’ve been using the downtime afford by bad weather to cull some of these old trips from my large pile of 35mm slides. I’ll do my best to find some more of you & Wayne that are suitable for a G-audience. But then we’ll have to go out and do new stuff! 🙂


  2. Love that you are doing these “stab from the past” trip write-ups! Especially because we had not seen many of your photos from these older trips. Keep them coming!


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