Fall backwards off a rock.
Mash your spine between the ground and your pack.
Experience intense back pain.
Go to urgent care.
Be the only trauma patient in a room full gagging, wheezing, moaning flu suffers.
Visualize Jan Van Eyck’s The Last Judgment.
Have x-rays reveal only a soft tissue injury.
Be given only ibuprofen and rest as treatment.
Go home and lie down.
Develop (inevitably) a case of the flu.
Treat with more ibuprofen and rest.
Experience delightful combination of wracking cough and bad back.
After three weeks and two bottles of ibuprofen, arise from your bed.
Resolve not to fall backwards again [ever].
Buy shares in whoever makes ibuprofen.
Totter out for a short hike in a snow storm.
Feel much…much better.

Someone’s glad I’m upright again
No picnic on Roxy Ann…
One of our favorites, but not today
Staying on the Loop Road
The sun breaks through the overcast
Blue skies emerge over Roxy Ann Peak
And the thistle doesn’t see its shadow