It snowed here last night – three inches of fluffy powder on our backyard picnic table; more higher up. Whether this is THE big snow or just A big snow for 2019 remains to be seen. Yeah, pretty tame stuff compared to the Polar Vortex (or spring in the Dakotas). But it was enough to inspire us to pull on snow boots and make yet another pilgrimage to Roxy Ann for some easy snow walking. The drive to the “trailhead” at the lower gate (closed for the day) involved some slipping and sliding on our part. It also involved us dodging some other drivers who were obviously unfamiliar with just how frictionless icy snow can be – wheeeeeeo_O

After parking well below the gate to escape this nuttiness, we walked up the delightfully car-free road. Then it was up the Greenhorn Trail, stopping to visit an old spring house that we’d somehow missed on previous hikes. From there it was up the Manzanita Trail to Roxy Ann’s southern shoulder for a hoped for sighting of Mount McLoughlin (not today). We were considering a summit bid when our sunbreak started to close. So we passed on the peak and headed home for lunch.

On our way out we squeezed through numerous vehicles struggling to turn around at the closed gate. We also passed a tow truck trying to rescue a car that had slid down a car-swallowing embankment near the gate (fortunately none of the car’s occupants were injured). Friction, people, friction. Another storm is on the way. But after that the weather and roads may be clear enough (and my back steady enough) for some judicious snowshoeing in the high country. 😉

At the upper gate (lower parking area) on Roxy Ann Road
Climbing the Greenhorn Trail
Medford and the Bear Creek Valley from the Greenhorn Trail
Snow along the Greenhorn
The old spring house near the upper end of the Greenhorn
Climbing the Loop Road
Along the Loop Road
The south side of Roxy Ann
No views of Mount McLoughlin today
Today’s high point
Down the Manzanita Trail
Madrones along the Manzanita Trail
Medford from the Manzanita Trail
Rivulets on madrone bark
Snow on madrone bark