Granite Falls (Jacksonville Forest) 07-Mar-2019

Tiny Granite Falls nestles high in a side canyon along the Pipsissewa Trail in Southern Oregon’s Jacksonville Forest Park.  Despite the many times we’ve hiked in the park, and along this particular trail, we’ve never seen these falls as other than dry or just dampness on the rock.  So when Glenn (Tablerocktrekker) let us know that Granite, thanks to our thus far pretty wet winter, was actually filled with water, we had to go see it.  As an added bonus, he revealed that a new trail 🙂 – the Knobcone Pine Trail – had just opened near the falls.

So, starting from Parking Area 6, we did a short 3-mile loop up the Pipsissewa and down to the falls, then back up and down the Knobcone Pine, with a return via the Halls of Manzanita Trail.  Short of a flash flood, the falls were running pretty good and it was a pleasure to finally see them.  It was also neat to see that the main falls are preceded by two smaller falls, which, during the dry season, you’d never know existed.  The new trail, which climbs steeply through several tight switchbacks, was a good workout for our calf muscles.  This was a very nice way to spend the morning. Thanks Glenn! 😀

The first small cascade on the way down to Granite Falls
The second small cascade on the way down to Granite Falls
Granite Falls from the trail, with resting bench above
Granite Falls
Granite Falls from below
The falls cross the strata of harder rock that created them
Crossing harder rock
Frozen spray from the falls
A sculpture of iced branches
View from the new Knobcone Pine Trail
A small fern grotto with ephemeral water along the Knobcone Pine Trail

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