Sunshine on the Mountain (Rogue River) 11-Mar-2019

The Mountain of the Rogue Trail System is located just outside Rogue River, Oregon and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Its trails were optimized for mountain bikes but some are open to hikers as well – you just have to keep an eye out for bikers.  My first visit here had been on a gloomy, cloudy day last October, so the desire to hike it in sunshine remained strong. When today was cast as the sunniest one in months, I left The LovedOne mired in meetings at the library 😦 and went outside.

The day started cold but soon warmed to become as gloriously sunny as promised. 🙂 I went up the Sasquatch and Darkside Trails to the abandoned comm site atop Tin Pan Peak and returned via the Darkside and RAT Pack Trails, for a 7.3 mile loop with 1,300 feet of gain. It felt good to be thinking about sunscreen again!

The “planned future route” is now the Sasquatch Trail
Unblemished sunshine! 😎
Up the Sasquatch Trail
View from the Sasquatch Trail
On the Darkside Trail to the top of Tin Pan Peak
The Rogue River and the City of Rogue River from near the top
The abandoned comm station on the summit
Mount McLoughlin from the summit
Heading back (to a day of yet more rain)

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  1. Yes, this hike is one good climbing hike — been there, done that! Glad to see you are out hiking more and more and that the back is doing better. Just an fyi if you & wife are interested, the Friends of the Umpqua club will be down this way hiking at Applegate Lake in a few weeks and then at the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail the first week of April. Check their website for details if interested. We may try to go on both.


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