Canyon Falls Trail (Jacksonville Forest) 21-Mar-2019

Today was a nice day wedged between necessary business up in Portland and incoming weather. A conference call was scheduled for the afternoon. But that left the morning free. So, not wishing to miss a photon of sunshine, Plan A was explore around Mount Isabelle. Alas, its access road still had sufficient snow on it to defeat even 4WD. You switch on the 4WD and give it a go. Then, as the tires spin fruitlessly while the truck drifts toward the edge of the narrow road, you switch on commonsense and ask yourself: How long to I want to be stuck here waiting for a tow? Since the answer to that was “not at all,” Plan B became doubling-back and doing a short, consolation hike in Jacksonville Forest Park.

Thanks to our wet winter, the many little cascades and waterfalls in the park are (temporarily) alive with moisture. The biggest of these is Granite Falls but there are also a number of tiny, but elegant, cascades along the Canyon Falls Trail. So a couple of miles and hours were well spent visiting almost every piece of falling water along that trail. Then home for lunch and that conference call, only to find it had been cancelled. 🙄 But we’d already been outside, so all was well. 🙂

Ascending the Canyon Falls Trail along Jackson Creek
A tiny waterfall
A tiny cascade
Canyon Falls – the largest on the creek
Canyon Falls
At the base of Canyon Falls
Another cascade farther up the trail
Along the Boulder Trail on the way back
Sunshine and clouds at Parking Area 2

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