For the past several days, we’ve been trapped inside by an atmospheric river of moisture coming at us from somewhere near Hawaii – weather like a huge spilled parasol drink. Rainfall records fell. Reservoirs filled. Spillways were tested. Roads sank. Communities flooded. Snow melted. Our sump pump strained. Our hearts yearned for the searingly dry days of summer. 😎 And then we were granted a brief respite – not a long or fully sunny one but at least a dry one.

Thinking that the wet months would soon be behind us, 🙄 I had, in recent weeks, made two solo trips to see the little ephemeral waterfalls in Jacksonville Forest Park before they dried-up for the season. Dry up, Ha! Thanks to our recent river in the sky, these waterfalls and cascades are gushier than ever. The LovedOne wanted to see them too, so we capitalized on today’s weather window to do a quick loop hike past the three biggest in the park – Granite Falls, Canyon Falls, and two cascades on Cantrall Creek. It felt good to get a few trail miles in before heading home to poke at the sump pump and wait for the next storm. :/

A rivulet along the Pipsissewa Trail
Madrone with lichen
Granite Falls
Base of Granite Falls
Growing in a rich mulch of madrone leaves
Canyon Falls
A tiny fungus on the forest floor
Cascade at the lower Cantrall Creek viewpoint
Cascade at the upper Cantrall Creek viewpoint
Today’s loop past the falls