Rafting Oregon’s Lower Owyhee River IV 17-Apr-2019

Day 4: Upper Whistling Bird Camp to “Andy’s” Camp (6,820 cfs)

Some high clouds came in overnight, but brought no rain, so the day got off to an easy start. This was good, because today would be our longest and busiest one on the river. We started by passing through the towering cliffs of Iron Point Canyon, which are formed from erosion-resistant rhyolite.

Then we scouted and ran Montgomery Rapid, one of the most challenging rapids in this stretch. After lunch at Jackson Hole [RM 37.5], we continued on to Rinehart Falls [RM 39.5] to replenish our freshwater supplies, then floated on past now abandoned Hole-In-The-Ground Ranch to a stop at the petroglyphs [RM 42.2]. From there, we passed Devils Tower hoping to camp at Upper Greeley. However, it and the other two Greeley camps were already occupied, so we pressed on to a camp Andy knew about near RM 47. Once there, a few of us hiked up to get a closer look at the stone monoliths standing on the slopes above camp. Then dinner, dessert (‘smores), and bed. A big day, well done! 🙂

Morning at Upper Whispering Bird
Easy packing and wild hair on a sunny morning.
Ancient hackberry trees provide shelter for small birds
Spires downstream of Lower Whistling Bird Camp
Entering Iron Point Canyon
Iron Point Canyon
Iron Point Canyon
Iron Point Canyon
Iron Point Canyon
Iron Point Canyon
Iron Point Canyon
Leaving Iron Point Canyon
Jackson Hole
Sand Lily at Jackson Hole
Floating below Jackson Hole
Working through a big wave train
Rinehart Falls
Hole-in-the-Ground Ranch
Devils Tower
Near Greeley Bar
At “Andy’s” Camp
“Andy’s” Camp from above
A sunlit giant rock fin protrudes from the far slope
Easter Island-style rock spires on the slopes
Colorful rock outcroppings
Sunset over the Owyhee
Moonrise at “Andy’s” Camp

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