A Cabin in the Wildlands (Oregon) 23-Apr-2019

There is an old cabin deep in Southwest Oregon’s Wellington Wildlands. Likely an old miner’s cabin. A low structure. More of a dugout really; now with a partially collapsed roof. Nestled in a grove of spindly tall madrones adjacent to a perennial water source. Probably built in the 1920s or 30s. Now a reminder of those who sought (usually in vain) to draw riches from the fickle geology of this region. The cabin is located far from any trail or road and getting to it is quite a cross-country adventure.

The LovedOne has grown leery of my using adventure and hike in the same sentence, as that has, too often, heralded a sufferfest on her part. So she opted to stay home and do some gardening, leaving me to confront very steep slopes, abundant poison oak, and rapacious ticks on my lonesome. A good call on her part. When I finally reached the cabin, from the Isabelle Trailhead and the Sundown Trail, I found it to be a charming old structure; a piece of history worthy of the adventure required to visit it.

Old-growth in the Wildlands deserves our love and protection!
The snowy Red Buttes (L) and Grayback Mountain (R) from the Sundown Trail
Henderson Fawn Lily
A slope carpeted with white Popcornflowers; Grayback Mountain on the horizon (L)
A mixed forest of pines and madrones
Applegate Paintbrush
Front of the cabin with ruined storage locker to the right side
Interior, with shelves on the left
Log detail with clay chinking
Nestled against the slope
Downhill side of cabin
The roof on the uphill side has collapsed
Water is close by (at least until summer)
A shady spot deep in the forest
Not a wildflower
Green fields, white flowers, and blue skies
Clouds from the Sundown Trail
Mount McLoughlin from the Sundown Trail

It’s still a little early in the season, but a number of wildflowers (Great Hound’s Tongue, Blue Dicks, Mountain Monkeyflower, Menzies Larkspur, Western Peony, Henderson Fawn Lily) have already put in an appearance and their presence enlivened this adventure quite a bit. 🙂


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