Strolling Along Elk Creek (Oregon) 26-Apr-2019

The LovedOne needed some soothing outdoor time ahead of her helping out this weekend with Medford’s 5th Annual Comic Con. I wanted to go on a hike with her that didn’t involve trying to find the trail, steep climbs, ticks, or poison oak. The trail along Elk Creek near Lost Creek Lake northeast of Medford came immediately to mind.

This “trail” is actually an old county road that was bypassed by a new road in anticipation of the whole area being flooded by the Elk Creek Dam. The dam was never fully built and, after years and years of controversy, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers notched the partially built dam and opened the nine or so miles behind it along Elk Creek to wildlife viewing, hiking, biking and hunting. We were last there in April 2017 when the weather was cool and overcast. Today it was warm and nicely sunny. 😎 So today, for us, this “hike” was a very pleasant outdoor stroll in perfect weather. We didn’t visit the old dam this time but instead went to lunch at Miguel’s in Shady Cove. No route finding, no ticks, no poison ivy, no granola bars. Brilliant! 😀

Elk Creek just below the Upper Elk Creek Trailhead
Along the “trail”
The very sturdy Army bridge over Middle Creek
Rapids in Elk Creek
Moon over a meadow
One of the popular swimming areas along the creek
Elk Creek
Towering oak trees
The trail passes several large meadows that will soon be filled with wildflowers
Under a colonnade of trees
West Branch Creek near the Yellow Rock Trailhead (southern end of the trail)

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