Seven Devils & Bullards Beach (Oregon Coast) 09-May-2019

Our second day on the Oregon Coast started with a hike south to Fivemile Point from the Seven Devils State Recreation Area just north of Bandon. The attraction here is a long, long stretch of broad sandy beach and the chance to find agates exposed by the waves. The day was once again nicely sunny and, happily, a little less windy. This made for a pleasant stroll out-and-back along the beach.

Twomile Creek reaches the ocean near the trailhead
Looking south toward Fivemile Point
The tide was out, leaving long strands of shallow water

The tide was out and this gave various shorebirds a chance to gorge themselves on sandcrabs. The torn carcasses of these small, ovoid invertebrates littered the beach like the aftermath of some battle. Every once in a while we’d come upon a crab that was either playing dead or was unable to burrow to safety in the hard-packed sand. We did “crab rescue” by dropping them into the remaining pools where, after a short stint of disorientation, they’d swim for the bottom and quickly bury themselves in the sand. These were our good deeds for the day. Yes, they’re just crabs, but we want credit anyway. 😉

Rocks and tidepools at Fivemile Point
A washed-up starfish
Color at Fivemile Point
The LovedOne threads “The Needle”
The wind used every speck on the beach as a windbreak
Going back along the strand line
Our out-and-back to Fivemile Point (the ocean is shown at high tide)

After our 2.6 mile hike to the point, we repaired to lunch at the iconic Tony’s Crab Shack in Bandon, then made the short journey to Bullards Beach State Park, just across the Coquille River to the north. This state park is a peninsula between the ocean and the river, so we got to experience both seawater and freshwater environments. We started our four mile loop around the peninsula at the beach parking lot, went south along the beach to the old lighthouse, and then back along the Coquille River to the lot.

Reaching Bullards Beach from the beach parking lot
Looking south along the beach, with the Bandon Islands on the horizon
The historic (1896) Coquille River Lighthouse
Hiking along the north embankment of the Coquille River
Wandering the beach on the west bank of the Coquille River
Big trees come floating down the Coquille
Patterns in the sand
The park’s campsites are in the trees in the distance
Our loop around the peninsula
Sunset at Face Rock (Bandon, Oregon)

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  1. Well Bullards Beach SP will be one of the SP that we visit this summer. Last went there in 2001. Hope to hike the various campground trails (about 10 miles worth), head down to Floras Lake/Blacklock Point, and maybe visit the South Slough Reserve. Pictures make me want to go now!


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