The weather has been doing something gloomy and moist, on and off, since we left the Oregon Coast, in the rain, nine days ago. Any brief sunbreaks in that time were already spoken for by either library duties or the demands of a consulting side-hustle. When today was forecast to be sunny with artistic clouds, we briefly reclaimed our retirement – breaking free of the cellulose and the client to spend the morning hiking in Jacksonville Forest Park.

Since our last visit almost six weeks ago, the park’s foliage has burst into verdant lushness. 🙂 The canyon bottom trails are buried under a canopy of big leaf maple while the ridge trails flow beneath tall, flowering madrones. Some odd (Ground-cones) and striking (Henderson’s Triteleia) wildflowers are out, as is that itchy fiend 😡 Toxicodendron. We did a lollipop loop up the Canyon Falls Trail, along the Twin Peaks and Atsahu Trails, and back along the Jackson Ridge Trail. Rain, thunderstorms, and snow o_O are scheduled for the Memorial Day Weekend so it was very nice to go outside while the going was good.

Along the Canyon Falls Trail
California Ground-Cone
Henderson’s Triteleia
Spotted Coral-Root (a small orchid)
Along the Atsahu Trail
Tolmie’s Cat’s Ear
Timber Mountain from the Jackson Ridge Shelter
Abstract madrone
Mushrooms with a madrone flower
Returning along still flowing 🙂 Norling Creek