Dollar Mountain (Southern Oregon) 24-May-2019

Dollar Mountain rises just to the west of downtown Grants Pass, Oregon. The hike to its summit from the trailhead on B Street is short but a little steep in places (2 miles round-trip; 800 feet of gain). The summit isn’t really the point here since it’s graced with a delightfully obnoxious communications tower and there are no views from there. Those can be had from openings along the trail as it climbs through a beautiful oak and manzanita forest. If you time it right (we just missed the peak of the bloom) there will be an understory of wildflowers to distract you.

We’d saved Dollar for a day when we had non-hiking stuff 😦 to do but still wanted to squeeze in a hike. So when this morning dawned sunny and bright, we did a quick out-and-back to Dollar followed by restorative libations at Climate City Brewing. Thus fortified, the non-hiking stuff seemed easier to deal with…

The no-frills trailhead on B Street
Up through stands of oaks
And towering madrones
Hooker Indian Pink
Farewell-to-Spring / Herald-of-Summer
The name of this one eluded us…
Through an avenue of lichen-draped madrones
Looking southwest from the trail, with Bolt Mountain (B) in the middle distance
Another view west from the trail
On to the summit
The “Electrodendron” 😉 on Dollar’s summit

2 thoughts on “Dollar Mountain (Southern Oregon) 24-May-2019

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  1. I knew you’d appreciate a tower shot. We were dissuaded from climbing the tower by the barbed wire surrounding it, the fearsome “federal installation / no trespassing” signs, and the lack of an escalator.


  2. Glad you got at least one radio tower shot in there 🙂 You occasionally have to climb a few dozen feet up those towers to really get the best summit views.


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