Cadillac Mountain (Acadia National Park) 24-Jul-2019

We figured that, as long as we were going all the way to the East Coast for a wedding, we might as well tack on a little hiking. And national park visiting. So after the wedding and a family visit, we headed north to Maine and Acadia National Park. It was pure coincidence 🙄 that WEBS (America’s yarn store) was on our path north. Stopping and browsing and buying was mandatory. I waited in a comfy chair.

The LovedOne reaches the promised land

It was tough saying good-bye to WEBS but we finally continued on to the park. Our original plan had been to hike / scramble the iconic Precipice Trail but we found it closed to protect nesting Peregrine falcons. So Plan B became a short loop (4.9 miles; 1,300 feet of gain) over Cadillac Mountain (the park’s highest point at 1,528 feet) via the Gorge Path, Cadillac North Ridge, and Kebo Brook Trails.

Narrow, rocky steps up the Gorge Path, then an easy scramble on granite boulders and ledges to a loop around the broad summit, then down the North Ridge with big views of Bar Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean, to a return on the lightly forested Kebo Brook Trail. Lots of variety in terrain that we don’t see much of in the West. The day started out overcast but had cleared nicely by the time we reached the top of Cadillac. You can drive to the top so we weren’t alone up there. Not at all. We’d forgotten how busy a national park can be at the height of the tourist season. Very busy. Still, this was a wonderful hike with views across lands new to us! 🙂

Boulders form a path across a creek along the Gorge Path
A small waterfall next to the Gorge Path
The Gorge Path is really a StairMaster
Vibrantly colored mushrooms shone on the forest floor
Starting the scramble up Cadillac
The trail climbs along granite ledges
A view of the Atlantic from half way up Cadillac
On the trail (marked with blue dots) near the summit
Looking north from the summit
Heading down the North Ridge Trail
Clouds over Bar Harbor
Going back into the trees near the end of the North Ridge
On the Gorge Path past Kebo Brook Trail
The Park Loop Road crosses an amazing stone arch near the trailhead
On the Maine coast at Hulls Cove

2 thoughts on “Cadillac Mountain (Acadia National Park) 24-Jul-2019

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  1. Acadia definitely deserved more than the 2 days we could spend there. A good time to visit might be mid-September, between the end of the summer season but before crowds start showing-up to watch the leaves change color.


  2. Beautiful despite the crowds. Hope to get there someday.. Just talked to someone at church the other day who also just went to Arcadia NP.


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