Before the Storm (Jacksonville Forest) 09-Aug-2019

The National Weather service put huge thunderstorms in the forecast for this afternoon and part of the weekend. “…Strong winds, hail the size of quarters, frequent lightning strikes…” they said. 😦 Why not dancing unicorns, flying monkeys, and Toto too? We were afeared. But not so much that we couldn’t sneak in a short hike in our favorite local park before over-energized photons started hurling about. So off to Jacksonville Forest Park.

We don’t usually go there in the summer because it’s too hot, but the approaching storm knocked the air temperature down to a level ideal for hiking. We got to walk amongst the madrones when they are shedding their old red/tan outer bark to expose their new pistachio-green inner bark. At this time of the year, there’s more old bark on the trail than dead leaves. This, plus the usual madrone abstractions, made for a short, but fascinating, hike. We stopped for fresh corn (it’s that time of year too) at a farm stand on the way home and are now hunkered down watching the rain fall and Zeus do his thing. Our cat 🐱 does not like Zeus and will be in hiding till he leaves.

Bark peeling season is on a roll
Ascending the Canyon Falls Trail
Up the Jackson Ridge Trail
Down Sofie’s Trail (a cougar 🐱 was sighted here last month)
And back to the trailhead on the Jackson Creek Nature Trail

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