Boccard Point (Soda Mountain Wilderness) 11-Aug-2019

Well, the big thunderstorms came and went, leaving behind some much needed rain and (thankfully) no big wildfires. We thought to capitalize on the cool, but clearing, weather that followed the storm by hiking out to Boccard Point in the Soda Mountain Wilderness. If the sky cooperates, big views of Mount Shasta to the south can be had from there. Plus, we hadn’t been to the point together since 2016 and then it was snowing! o_O

To make a day of it, we parked at the Hobart Bluff Trailhead and hiked south on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from there – passing a dozen or so thru-hikers along the way. Just before the PCT starts its descent to Baldy Creek Road, we dodged downhill to the southeast for a short distance to intersect the primitive trail out to the point. We were surprised to find a half mile of that trail obliterated by what looked to us like a recently cut fire break. If so, why now? The world wonders…

Past this damage, the trail was encroached on only by seasonal vegetation and was easy to hike (even though the still wet veg soaked our boots). The day had started out overcast but the clouds were starting to break-up and become picturesque by the time we gained the point. Big views for Shasta, Pilot Rock, and Soda Mountain. The sun joined us for the journey back, which we shortened by going cross-country over a gentle ridge to connect with the PCT near a small pond. A very good day to be outside. Seven or so miles on rich loamy earth, with cedar and pine aromas, senescent meadows, scampering chipmunks, and gorgeous views. 🙂

Clouds starting to break-up over the Hobart Bluff Trailhead
Going south on the PCT
Very early Fall colors
A fire break (?) disrupts part of the trail out to the point
And then the trail returned to being slightly over-grown
That brave hiker smile on Boccard Point, with Pilot Rock in the background
Pilot Rock
Mount Shasta and Iron Gate Reservoir
Soda Mountain
Starting back
On the primitive trail
Here we left the primitive trail and went straight over the low ridge ahead
View north from the crest of the low ridge (the PCT is at the bottom of the meadow)
The small, spring-fed pond just northwest of the PCT
Along the PCT just before the trailhead
Our track to and from Boccard Point

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