The Felton Memorial Trail junctions with the Enchanted Forest Trail about 0.7 miles from its trailhead on Slagle Creek Road in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley. From that junction, the Felton undulates in and out of canyons for some 1.5 miles to a commemorative plaque on Slagle Creek. The plaque memorializes three Bureau of Land Management workers (Felton, Hansen, and Siegel) who died in a helicopter crash at this site in 1993. We first hiked the short, but popular, Enchanted Forest Trail in late 2016 but by-passed the Felton Trail at that time.

With The LovedOne busy at the library, the four easy miles out-and-back to the memorial seemed like an ideal way to start easing back into the hiking game. That it was a beautiful, crisp, clear Fall day only added to my motivation. 😎 This is a wildflower hike in the Spring but, now, in the Fall, it’s the gorgeously yellow big leaf maples that steal the show. A little walking proved to be SO MUCH better for my recovery than fighting with the cat for space on the couch. 🙂

On the Enchanted Forest Trail with Pennington Butte in the distance
On the Enchanted Forest Trail
An old bullet-riddled car is a landmark along the trail
“Bullet flowers”
Into the big leaf maples
On the Felton Trail
Oaks in Fall colors along the trail
Big leaf maples loom over the trail
The memorial plaque at trail’s end