Winter Reaches the Forest (Southern Oregon) 28-Nov-2019

Two events coincided with Thanksgiving this year: the first real snow storm of the season and the end of my recovery. The long promised storm finally arrived with a bombogenastic punch of extreme low pressure, powerful winds, and howling snow. Roads closed, trees toppled (including some of ours), ski areas rejoiced. The recovery – six weeks in the making – returned me to medical normal; a mental normal remains elusive. We were sorta thankful for the snow as Southern Oregon needs the water – it just didn’t need to be delivered so FORCEFULLY. On the other hand, I was definitely thankful for finally recovering back to unrestricted hiking. 😀

So, of course, we decided to celebrate both events with a short, four-mile hike in Jacksonville Forest Park. From the new parking area (and toilets!) at the wetlands, we did an out-and-back to the head of Cantrall Creek. About half of this journey was on fresh, un-tracked snow. 🙂 As usual I became distracted by the little, colorful things dotting the snowy whiteness. The LovedOne indulged me in this. But we still made it home in time for the traditional (but turkey-free for us) dinner. 🙂 Another storm is forecast for this weekend, so maybe our snowshoes will see action before year’s end ❓

The Start
The brave hiker smile returns to the forest
The aptly named Snowberry
Remains of the Leaf
Leaf Fallen on Snow
A blackberry leaf slowly fades
Leaves in Water
A Fern in Winter
Like ladybugs on a stalk
The Thistles Have Fallen
Farewell the Leaf

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