Eastview Trail (Ashland, Oregon) 10-Feb-2020

The LovedOne had a Friends of the Library board meeting today, so I went off to explore a lesser known trail I found using the Hiking Project.

The Eastview Trail #1012 starts from a lower trailhead on Forest Road (FR) 2080 [Tolman Creek Road] about seven miles west of Ashland, Oregon. It goes two miles on a gated gravel road (FR 2080-700) then becomes a single-track just before reaching FR 2080 again at an upper trailhead. Some maps call the #1012 the Lower Eastview Trail. After crossing FR 2080, it continues as the Upper Eastview Trail for 1.5 miles as a single track trail to the top of the ridge and an end at FR 600-200. Once there, the only way back as a loop is to walk down FR 600-200 and FR 2080 to the lower trailhead.

The whole loop was about seven miles (with 1,000 feet of gain), with two miles on trail and the rest on forest roads. There was some snow about, getting almost a foot deep on some of the higher, shaded sections of the trail. There were some, but not many, views. So I’m not going to call this one of the great loops in our area. But it offered a decent walk in beautiful sunny (but cold) weather through an area previously unexplored by me. 🙂

On the road section of the lower trail
Ice on a pothole
A tiny waterfall along the road
Near where the road ends and the single track begins
Snow blankets the upper trail
Mount McLoughlin from the upper trail
A manzanita sees its shadow
Mount Ashland from FR 600-200
The Eastview Loop (red track is the Upper & Lower Eastview Trails, black is the return on forest roads)

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