Songer Butte Loop (Ashland, Oregon) 12-Feb-2020

Today was forecast to be the last sunny day before a multi-day weather event arrived. It had been sunny for the past two days but The LovedOne had managed to spend those in meetings at the library. I vowed that she must again see the light of day! Using the heady cellulose-rich scent of old paperback books (old romance novels are particularly fragrant) to lure her into the car, I then drove wantonly to Emigrant Lake outside Ashland, Oregon. By the time the cellulose fumes wore off, we were standing at the start of the Songer Butte Trail at the end of the Old Greensprings Highway under crisp, clear, sunny skies. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d picked this particular hike primarily because we hadn’t done it before and because it didn’t require a lot of effort on our part to reach it. Plus it was close to Caldera Brewing – always an important consideration when planning a half-day hike. So we did a nice three mile loop around the butte (which is a peninsula in Emigrant Lake) through oak forests and open meadows to Songer Wayside. From there we walked a mile back to the trailhead on its access road and an abandoned piece of Highway 66. And then on to Caldera for lunch! ๐Ÿ™„

Leaving the Greensprings trailhead, with a prescribed burn underway in the background
The lake and the prescribed burn
Through a forest of leafless oaks
Emigrant Lake and dam from along the trail
The lake from the rocks atop Little Songer Butte
Major Butte rises above the lake’s east side
Sunny! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Crossing one of the meadows with Major Butte in the distance
A thistle from seasons past
Coming to Songer Wayside
Returning on an old stretch of Highway 66
On the trailhead access road, with the prescribed burns still burning
Our short – but sunny – loop around Songer Butte

5 thoughts on “Songer Butte Loop (Ashland, Oregon) 12-Feb-2020

  1. We shall get there soon I think. We like The Common Block Brewing Co here in Medford and a few weeks ago we visited Standing Stone Brewing in Ashland after hiking there. Climate City Brewing in Grants Pass is also on our radar. So many trails to hike and so many places to eat at!


  2. Thanks for the in-spirit-ation to do this hike at Emigrant Lake! I too have not been to Caldera. A get the sense that it is a must-do! (I live about 45 minutes westward). I have kayaked the entire perimeter of Emigrant Lake and know this little dogleg area well. Nice place in the summer to get away from the noisy jet-fueled boats and such which also use the Lake. Didn’t realize there was a trail here land-side. So, now it is on the list. Love your write-ups and photos!!!


  3. Not been to Caldera yet? It’s worth it just to see their collection of 5000+ different beer bottles. As for the food, we’ve never had anything there we didn’t enjoy. I’m particularly partial to their BLT sandwich. And come summer they’ll have potato salad back on the menu. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hoping to get out this week and weekend too and we have yet to visit Caldera Brewing….any recoomendations for food when we do go? They are currently working on a new 3 mile connector trail from the Fairy Ponds near Lithia Park that will connect to the Wonder Trail and beyond…..should be open in a few months.


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