Mountain of the Rogue (Oregon) 11-Mar-2020

Today was a grand conflation of an absolutely perfect day for a hike with no duties for The LovedOne at the library. Yes, Dorothy, there are (small) miracles. Jennifer introduced me to the Mountain of the Rogue trail system in 2018 and I’ve done several hikes there since – just not with The LovedOne. So today we set out to remedy that omission.

Unlike some multi-use hiking/biking areas, trails at the Mountain of the Rogue are clearly signed multi-use versus bike-only (and these are often separate). So we went up the multi-use RAT Pack, Sasquatch, Darkside Trails (through a patch of freshly sprouted Fawn Lilies) to the top of Tin Pan Peak and returned via the multi-use Easy Street and RAT Pack Trails. When we got near the top, we found a professional trail building crew putting the finishing touches on a new downhill, bike-only trail from the summit to the Arm Bar/Easy Street Trail junction. 🙂

The LovedOne cues the brave hiker smile
Up the RAT Pack Trail
One of the Del Rio Vinyards from the RAT Pack
On up the RAT Pack
On the Sasquatch Trail with Tin Pan Peak (arrow) in the distance
Nearing the top of the Saquatch Trail
The Darkside Trail passes through a forest on the east side of the peak
Madrone leaves
Approaching the summit, with Grants Pass in the distance and the City of Rogue River below (R)

The LovedOne celebrated her successful ascent of Tin Pan by standing next to the graffiti-rich old shack that adorns its summit. Not quite in the same league as prayer flags on Everest, but we work with what we’ve got.

The LovedOne reaches the summit
Lower Table Rock (T), Mount McLoughlin (M), and Brown Mountain (B) from near the top of Tin Pan Peak
Going back
Descending the RAT Pack Trail below Tin Pan Peak

This hike gave us a nice view of Mount McLoughlin from the top before we headed down for a satisfying sandwich lunch at Paisanos in Rogue River. All told, a great 7 mile, 1,300 feet of gain hike! 😀 It was a brief (but welcome) respite from watching the stock market tumble into the abyss, a pandemic grip the globe, and our government stumble around trying to respond. 😕

Our journey to Tin Pan and back

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