A Walk in the Woodlands (Oregon) 18-Mar-2020

Social distancing has become the mantra of this new era we’ve entered (hopefully temporarily). From the chaos and heartbreak brought on by the Big V, hiking seems to have emerged as an acceptable – nay extolled – way of getting out of the house while still maintaining one’s distance. We just wish hiking’s moment had arrived under happier circumstances. We’re fortunate to: (1) like hiking and (2) live in a small town surrounded by vast expanses of parks and forests and wilderness. These provide ample opportunities to be out there without ever getting too near (or even seeing) another person.

The LovedOne has more time for hiking now that her library volunteer work is on hold due to the county library’s indefinite closure. 😦 So today we practiced our distancing (and got a brief respite from anxiety fueled by the Big V) during a short (4 mile) walk through the nearby Jacksonville Woodlands. We saw or passed maybe a dozen other people, none of whom got within six feet of us. This left us time to focus on some of the early wildflowers that are popping-up throughout the woodlands.

South Fork of Jackson Creek
On the Petard Trail
Spring Beauty
Henderson’s Fawn Lily
Western Buttercup
Henderson Shooting Star
Great Hound’s Tongue (named for its leaves not its flowers)
Red Henbit (Purple Dead Nettle)
On Liz’s Trail
Remembrance of oaks past…
Madrone abstract
Going back on the White Oak Trail

Having squelched the anxiety and done what little we could to fight the contagion, we went in search of some take-out (all the restaurants are closed at the moment to sit-down customers) to put some money into the local service economy, which is hurting from the closures and a lack of tourists. We’re willing to ante-up here because we need healthy people and a healthy economy. 🙂



    1. It’s lower and warmer here than where you are, so we get a head start on the flowers. The ones we saw on this walk are just a taste of the dozens more species that will flower here in the weeks ahead.

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