In the Cool Forest (Southern Oregon) 24-Jun-2020

The season has turned to summer.
The forest, while still verdant, has lost some luster.
As it readies itself for the coming heat.
Today’s loop was in the cool of the morning and it was good.
The canyon bottoms hosted swaths of white mock orange blossoms.
Otherwise, with exceptions, the wildflowers had finished their work.
But some still lingered as did members of the fungal class.
And water still flowed in the creeks.
Not much but enough for a pleasant gurgling.
And for sustenance of considerable melodious bird life.
The path over Jackson Ridge was warmer than the canyons.
But the madrones offered shade and abstracts.
And there was even a view of McLoughlin.
Now we cast our gaze upward to Mount Ashland Meadows.
Where the cool will reside even as summer progresses.
And where the wildflowers are just starting their work.
So the season turns and we with it.
Wild Mock Orange
Klamath Weed (St. John’s Wort)
Jacksonville Creek
Leaf on Fern
Gem-Studded Puffball
‘Schroom in the Forest
Tweet in Progress

2 thoughts on “In the Cool Forest (Southern Oregon) 24-Jun-2020

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  1. Beautiful poetry in word and pictures. Thanks for all of your posts.They inspire me to get out ( which I do sometimes).


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