McCloud River Falls (Shasta-Trinity Nat’l Forest) 23-Jul-2020

As we were leaving Mount Shasta for home, we decided to swing by and see the three main falls on the McCloud River. These get written-up in almost every tourist guide for the Mount Shasta area and we didn’t want to disappoint the local tourist bureau by not doing our bit as tourists. The falls are an easily accessible, extremely popular destination – rightfully so, but we hoped to see them without having to dodge milling crowds. Judging from the width of the formal trails – and the numerous intersecting use trails – these falls are probably over-run with visitors in a “normal” year. While these waterfalls undoubtedly deserve more time than we gave them, we were able to visit all three while encountering only a dozen or so other visitors. 🙂

Lower Falls (15 feet / 4.5 m high)
Middle Falls (50 feet / 15 m high, 100 feet / 30 m wide)
Middle Falls
Upper Falls
McCloud River above the Upper Falls

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