2020 Around Roxy Ann (December 2020)

Roxy Ann Peak (3,573 ft / 1,089 m) is the high point in the City of Medford’s Prescott Park. It’s not far from our house. We hike there frequently, mostly for the exercise, the ever-changing views, and the madrones. We used to post about these hikes more often. We stopped doing so because it seemed like Roxy was getting to be old (but not fake) news. But, thanks to what’s made 2020 so special, we’ve spent more time around Roxy Ann this year than ever before. A…lot…more…time. As a result, we’ve amassed phone photos of the park for every month of 2020. So here, old news or not, is a visual homage to the blessings of this readily accessible open space. This park has been good to (and for) us. We get it. We absolutely do not need another year like 2020 to remind us of that. Never, ever. 😐


On the south end of the Park Loop Road, with Medford in the distance


Mount McLoughlin from the Manzanita Trail


From the viewpoint near the summit on an inversion fog day


The meadows on Roxy Ann’s north side, with the Crater Lake Rim on the horizon


Mount McLoughlin over a field of Great Camas flowers


On the Park Loop Road near the quarry, Medford in the distance


From the summit viewpoint on one of the last fully clear days for several weeks


Thick wildfire smoke blankets the valley


Mount McLoughlin from the meadow on the southeast side of Roxy Ann


Fading into Fall on the Greenhorn Trail


On the new ADA-compliant trail


Mount McLoughlin receives the first snows of winter

An ancient madrone greets a new day (and a new year) 🙂

4 thoughts on “2020 Around Roxy Ann (December 2020)

  1. It’s good to have a place close-by that both changes and remains the same. I think “intimate” nicely captures our relationship with this park. 🙂


  2. Thank you for reminding us of the value of Intimacy with one place and the discoveries by the month- a sliver lining of this stay close to home year.


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