We had a nice visit to the Blue Grotto over the weekend, followed by two days of work and volunteering. But walls of water – in the form of a series of storms off the Pacific – are due in starting tomorrow. Today was an interlude. Initially forecast to be foggy, it started that way, then quickly evolved into a bright, clear day. 😎 One that called for yet another visit to a local favorite. Upper Table Rock is always the same place, but never really the same. Nature is dynamic – change is constant – there’s always something fascinating happening at some level. You just have to keep adjusting your frame of reference. So we went for a pleasant 6 mile (9.6 km) walk, gazing at the sky and the ground and in between as we went. Grass widow (Olsynium douglasii) shoots have started to appear, signalling the approach of Spring. It was a good walk on a fine day. 🙂

Sunlight on Upper Table’s vernal pools
The snow-covered Red Buttes over the vernal pools
A fog-filled valley with the Red Buttes on the horizon
Fog laps at the edge of Lower Table Rock
Oxygen arises from the primordial ooze
Barbed wire from the days before Upper Table was a conservation area
Toward the VORTAC station and the pond just beyond
This large pond forms on Upper Table for only a few weeks each year
Old oaks
Oaks on water
Oak impressions
Mount McLoughlin over a vernal pool
It’s alive, I tell you ! Alive!
A ‘schroom in winter
Toward trail’s end