Rafting Oregon’s Illinois River II 22-Apr-2021

The run from Pine Flat to South Bend, where we would camp tonight, has several rapids, but no named ones. That said, two of us (me included) managed to get shot out of our raft when it collided head-on with the side wall in one of the rapids. I was expecting to have to ride the waters to the eddy below the rapid but Jonathan managed to pull both of us back aboard fairly quickly. Still, it was a character building way to start the day. 😳 And it did clear up any lingering personal hygiene issues. 🙄

Breakfast at Pine Flat
Loading the rafts at Pine Flat, with Bald Mountain in the distance
Derik pulls into the river
On the river, with York Butte in the distance
On the river
The unnamed rapid that gave me a thorough washing
Clear water and short drops
Shana brings it through
Dodging boulders with the Bald Mountain ridge in the distance
A short, but fun, ride
Smoothed by the waters
Approaching camp at South Bend
On the beach at South Bend
South Bend
The clarity of the water was endlessly fascinating
Rock the Water
Don, Sherrl, Derik and Becca in camp at South Bend
Have some S’more for desert
Tomorrow is another day

Tomorrow would turn-out to be a very long one, as we worked our way through the Green Wall – possibly the most famous (infamous ?) rapid on the Illinois – plus other, almost as complicated, rapids. I was glad we had a half-day in a sunny camp to get everything dried-out in anticipation of another wetting – preferably one in the raft rather than out of it. 🙄


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  1. I’m so happy you wrote about this so that I can live vicariously through your adventure! I’ve been swimming in the Illinois, but never rafted it. The water is incredibly clear. Glad you got your “bath” and got back safely into the raft, LOL.


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