Finally, fully vaccinated (The LovedOne will be so in two more weeks). There was talk that the second jab would produce a response, so I left open a day or two for couch surfing. But, other than a slightly sore arm, a little tiredness, and a few aches, nothing much happened (I logged some couch time anyway 🙂 ). Which is pretty much how vaccinations have been for me for decades. Other than one for yellow fever years ago, not much ever happened. Which is not to say something could have happened but the odds are always heavily in favor of nothing. What certainly didn’t happen was contracting any of the loathsome diseases for which vaccinations were and are available. Today, however, vaccinations – which are basically individual contributions to the common good – have joined the ranks of the controversial, the political, the divisive. Which is just sad. Our being vaccinated isn’t going to change this but if it keeps us from getting sick (or from very sick) and – of equal importance – from making other people sick, then that’s good enough for the moment.

Since nothing happened, I felt compelled to exchange my planned second day of couch surfing for an exercise hike at the Mountain of the Rogue. I really had no choice as the cat wanted her couch back. 🙄 Anyway, MOTR is aimed at mountain bikers but also has multi-use trails open to hikers. It can be a busy place on weekends which is why I prefer hiking there on weekdays. The LovedOne was getting deeper into library volunteering, so it was just me hiking up to Tin Pan Peak. It was a perfect day for an exercise hike, which was enlivened by a few wildflowers. I saw poison oak flowers for the first time – tiny yellow blossoms in a sea of toxic leaves. 😳 Coming down I gave way to four mountain bikers riding up, three of whom were using ebikes. Who knew mere pedaling was passe? Maybe I need to upgrade my bike? A 6.8 mile (10.8 km) loop with 1,350 feet (411 m) of gain and home in time for lunch. 😀

Blue Dicks
Siskiyou Iris
Poison Oak
Tolmie’s Pussy Ears / Oregon Mariposa Lily
Applegate Paintbrush
Wolly Sunflower
Mount McLoughlin from Tin Pan Peak (all the lush greenery in the foreground is poison oak)
My loop to Tin Pan Peak and back