Hot in the Forest (Jacksonville, Oregon) 01-Jun-2021

We did our hike of Tom Spring Mountain just five days ago. The temperature then was warm (80°F / 26.6°C) but manageable. Today it’s headed to 104°F (40°C); if it makes it that far, it’ll break a record set in 1924. Great weather for worrying about wildfires – we’ve had several so far but none (thankfully) very big. Not great weather for hiking. Seems a bit much for the first of June, but the weather is officially warmer these days. :/ Still, we figured with an early start and a judicious choice of the shadier trails, we could get in a short hike before our brains fried. So, on to the Forest. 🙂

From P5, we went out the Canyon Vista Trail, up along Jackson Creek (still with some water in it), over Jackson Ridge on its namesake trail, and back to P5 on the Atsahu and Shade Creek Trails. Just 4 miles (6.4 km) with 840 feet (256 m) of gain, but lots of sweat despite the early start. Things were crackly dry but the big-leaf maples provided shade. And a few wildflowers we hadn’t seen yet were still blooming. So not a bad way to spend the morning ahead of an afternoon meeting. 🙂

Into the cool shade along Jackson Creek
Still a little water in the creek
Woodland Phlox
Striped Coral-Root
A fading California Groundcone (yellow variant)
Woolly-Headed Clover
Oregon Checkermallow
Birdfoot Trefoil
Common Wild Rose with guest for lunch
Out of the cool forest; into the burning sun

6 thoughts on “Hot in the Forest (Jacksonville, Oregon) 01-Jun-2021

  1. I love the groundcone (looks like pasta to me,) the spots of shade, clover, checkermallow, and all the rest. We hiked mainly in summer at higher elevations so these flowers are mainly new to me and so interesting. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos, love them all.


  2. What a lovely, shady hike! It looks so wonderfully lush. And the wildflowers (and your photos of them) are gorgeous. The coral root is always one of my favorites.


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