Crispy is the Forest (Jacksonville, Oregon) 14-Jul-2021

Well, this year’s trifecta of oppressive heat, foul smoke, and destructive conflagration got off to an early, and strong, start. Air temperatures over 100°F (37°C) in late May and onward from there. And it looks like this trifecta is going to be with us for awhile. 😢 If we want a shot at hiking in clearer air and cooler temperatures, we’ll have to go high and hope that the ever shifting winds don’t push smoke at us.

Visits to higher realms are planned but today there was only time for yet another early morning stroll through the Forest, which is dry and crinkly and dusty. Only the tiny trickle of water still lingering in Jackson Creek recalled cooler and moister times.

As we hiked, we could hear heavy air tankers departing the Medford Tanker Base to attack the huge wildfire burning to the east.

On the way to Cantrall Creek
Leaf I
Leaf II
Leaf III
Leaf IV
Leaf V (with fly)
On the Halls of Manzanita Trail
Looking east from the Grotto Trail – Smoke with a view (Lower (1) and Upper (2) Twin Peaks)
Through madrones on the Grotto Trail
Madrone I
Madrone II
Madrone III
Madrone IV
Madrone IV
Along Jackson Creek
Jackson Creek
Water I
Water II
Water III

6 thoughts on “Crispy is the Forest (Jacksonville, Oregon) 14-Jul-2021

  1. Thank you. But I am sorry to hear you’ve decided to stay in Florida. Although where you are looks beautiful, it was undoubtedly a really tough decision to leave Ashland for good. We’ve lived here almost 7 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. That said, we’ve only had one good wet year during those seven and smoke during the summer in several of the others. This year we got the heat early and strong. And the drought goes on. So it’s either stay and adapt or move (aka a “managed retreat”) to a different climate. 🤔 I do hope you plan on doing some more RV travel from your new home, as we really enjoy your well photographed blogs about your travels. 😊

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  2. I love that you’re still getting out…and it’s so distressing to know what’s happening in and around the Rogue Valley. We’ve decided to sell our home in Ashland. Not an easy decision. I appreciate so much your blogs, your beautiful photos, and your honesty about the devastating situation with the heat and wildfires.


  3. Looking forward to December is more like it! 🙂 Haven’t seen any updates to your blog since last November, so was wondering what you were doing. Good to hear you’re still getting out – despite the heat. 🙂


  4. Yup, the word is hot and smokey. We too got to the Forest Park last week for a trip along what’s left of the Jackson Creek. Go high or stay home. Looking forward to Autumn already!


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