National Creek Falls (Southwest Oregon) 30-Jul-2021

After our short hike to Spruce Lake, it was still too early for lunch (and, sadly, pie). So we went to visit National Creek Falls. These are not far from the lake and, unlike the lake, are spring-fed and thus richly endowed with water even in drought years. Also unlike the lake, the falls have their own official – and exceptionally well-trodden – access trail (#1053).

The Middle Fork of National Creek actually arises from Oasis Spring, which I visited in 2015, just before the National Creek Complex Fire. Fortunately that fire spared both the spring and the falls, so we were able to descend to the coolness of the falls under an intact forest canopy. It was a short hike, the falls were amazing, and, when we were done, it was finally time for pie lunch! 😋

Descending the #1053
National Creek above the falls
Continuing the descent
National Creek Falls
National Creek Falls
Droplets of mist from the falls
National Creek Falls (left)
National Creek Falls (right)

Note to self for August: Less pie, more hiking.


6 thoughts on “National Creek Falls (Southwest Oregon) 30-Jul-2021

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  1. The springs that feed National Creek are like the ones at the source of the Rogue River – reliable year-round, even in drought years. And yes, pie does help smooth-out some of life’s potholes … at least for awhile. 🙂


  2. It makes me happy to see all of that water in Southern Oregon. You are so funny, “less pie, more hiking.” You two are no slackers! You deserve pie!


  3. Maybe some one else can weigh in on this. There are, unfortunately, a lot of trails in the Union Creek area that have gone by the wayside in the past 50 or so years.


  4. This was a great place to cool off after a warm hike through the burnt forest by Boundary Springs.


  5. Thank you for sharing these hikes! I have been trying to locate a trail we did probably at least 50 years ago (I was minus 10.) 😉 It descended to a falls and I distinctly remember large pumice boulders that we could pick up. No one I’ve talked to can place it. Perhaps the trail still exists sans boulders. 🤔 It would be in this same general area since that is where we hiked 99% of the time. Anyone??? ☺


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