This park is located on the Minnesota side of the Red River of the North (not the North Dakota side!) about 2.5 miles (4 km) north of downtown Fargo. It’s swirl of trails are popular with mountain bikers but are certainly open to hikers – who just have to pay attention to two-wheel traffic. We went there after dinner for a stroll to see the river close-up. The evening was warm and gentle, the lighting soft, and the Fall colors just starting to pop. There was no breeze (which, it seems, is a bit unusual), so colorful reflections in the river were unruffled. It was perhaps an unrealistic introduction to weather on the Northern Plains, but a good walk nonetheless. 😁

Fall colors in the park
Evening in the park
Under Fall colors along one of the trails
Looking downstream (the river flows north)
Looking uptream
On the trail again
Looking downstream toward the spillway (a man-made channel cutting across an oxbow)
Looking upstream
Light in the forest
Upstream from the boat launch
East toward the “island” created by the spillway cut
Upstream from the boat launch
Fall colors along the river
Our short stroll (red) among the swirl of trails in the park