Trails of Leaves (Jacksonville, Oregon) 08-Oct-2021

We have a few higher altitude hikes planned for before (hopefully) the snow flies. But we have other plans for next week that we don’t want to mess-up by doing a face-plant on some remote trail. So back to Jacksonville Forest Park for the first time since our smoke-challenged August. This is another quiet time in the forest – no wildflowers, few mushrooms, just a trickle in Jackson Creek (and even that is amazing considering the drought). Fall colors are starting. Some trees have already shared their leaves with the trail, while most of those on the big-leaf maples are still hanging on. But the inexorable march of the seasons will soon, so soon, strew the trail with their leaves too.

Canyon Falls Trail
Leaf I
Jackson Ridge Trail
Leaf II
Jackson Ridge Trail
Jackson Ridge Trail
Leaf III
Sofie’s Trail
Leaf IV
Sofie’s Trail
Leaf V
Sofie’s Trail
Leaf VI
Sofie’s Trail
Leaf VII (Jackson Creek)
Jackson Creek Nature Trail
Mushroom I
Jackson Creek Nature Trail
Leaf VIII (note moth)
Jackson Creek Nature Trail
Leaf IX
Jackson Creek Nature Trail
Leaf X
Jackson Creek Nature Trail
Mushroom II
The End

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  1. We hiked the Siskiyou trail a few weeks ago, another first. We plan to go back and hike more of them. It’s great to have a plethora of hikes nearby. In “the Midwest” we would drive 75 miles to hike in an abandoned quarry. Now in ten minutes I can be hiking my choice of mesas, a butte, or rugged national forests. It’s been a tough move but at least I’m not bored. 😁


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