Thanksgiving in the Forest 25-Nov-2021

With Christmas just ahead, we’ve always treated Thanksgiving as a secular occasion. Given all the issues in the world these days, it’s helpful to have a day to reflect on some good things you’re thankful for – whatever they might be. I’m always thankful, as a cancer survivor, for simply being alive and relatively intact. As a couple, we’re thankful for the 30+ years we’ve shared together. And we’re both thankful for our few, stalwart, life-long friends – real ones who’ve made the adventures we’ve had together just that much more interesting.

We are truly thankful for those Big Three: Love , Life, and Friends. But we are also thankful (on a slightly smaller scale) for still being able to walk and for having a forest nearby to walk in. So we gave some thanks today by going for a walk there. The wildflowers are long gone. As are the Big Leaf Maple leaves. Gone to compost everyone. But the mushrooms are still with us. And so for those – in all their fluted, fungal, fundamental glory – we are also thankful.

Mushroom I
Mushroom II
Leaf I
Mushroom III
Leaf II
Mushroom IV
On Sofie’s Trail *
Jackson Creek
Mushroom V
Leaf III
Leaf IV
Mushroom VI *
Leaf V (fighting the rot)
Lichen on a stick
Leaf VI
Leaf VII
Berry *
Heading home… *



4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in the Forest 25-Nov-2021

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  1. Yes, we have so much to be thankful for. You are so good at noticing and sharing the beauty that surrounds you. Thank you.


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