Roxy Ann: Light + Fog 07-Dec-2021

Thus far, the powerful atmospheric rivers of wet and wind have all passed to our north. This has left the Bear Creek and Rogue River Valleys mired in fog and stagnant air for days and days. But nearby Roxy Ann Peak often pokes through these mists into sunshine. This morning we had time for a quick exercise walk around the peak’s loop road – which today circumscribed the border between the light above and the fog below. This walk on Pearl Harbor Day proved to be a spectral experience in an otherwise familiar landscape.

On the road
Into the light
The light lasted all of five minutes…
As did our one look at Mount McLoughlin
Back into the fog
Madrone in the mist
Going back…

6 thoughts on “Roxy Ann: Light + Fog 07-Dec-2021

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  1. At the risk of being redundant, you did make the most of some very interesting interplay of light and fog.


  2. Lovely photos of the light and fog. I thought about going up to Roxy Ann yesterday but decided on Mt Ashland instead. It was a beautiful sunny day with fog filling in the Northern California valleys.


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