Woodlands & Sunshine (Oregon) 01-Feb-2022

Our faithful readers know that we make frequent visits to nearby Jacksonville Forest Park. Very frequent. But not so much so to its literally across-the-street cousin – the Jacksonville Woodlands. The trails in the Woodlands are shorter, less hilly, and usually busier than those in the Forest. They are also more of an urban experience as they wend through and around private land and past people’s houses. We’ve gone there only on occasion, mostly to look (thus far in vain) for a rare lily – the Gentner Fritillary. But as now is the absolute nadir of anything wildflower, our goal on this cold, clear, sunny day was simply to log 5 miles (8 km) worth of exercise. Which we did and it was good. 😊

A cold morning across Jackson Creek
Jackson Forest Trail
Britt Ridge Trail
Britt Canyon Trail
Looking toward Forest Park from the Rich Gulch Trail
Rich Gulch Trail
Medford under hazy air from Panorama Point
Liz’s Loop Trail
A cloud from Liz’s Loop
Madrone berries & leaves *
Back on the Petard Ditch Loop Trail
Our loops in the Woodlands

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