Wood Lake Nature Center (Richfield, MN) 19-Apr-2022

We visited Minnesota about two weeks before making our move – to look for a place to live in the Minneapolis area.  That proved to be a lot harder than selling our house in Oregon – a lot harder.  We eventually found a nice place but getting to that point was pretty stressful.  So, of course, we used a short hike – a stroll really – to ease the craziness brought on by way too much exposure to real estate. 🤪

Since we were already close to the Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield (just south of Minneapolis), we took the opportunity for a short hike there (#19 in 60 Hikes).  By combining parts of the Perimeter, Boardwalk, and Prairie Trails, we were able to accomplish a Figure-8 loop around and across Wood Lake. Distant sounds were muted, making it hard to tell that we were in the middle of a major urban area with a busy freeway just to the west.

Spring had just barely arrived, so the trees which formed colonnades along the trails were still bare. But it was sunny 😎 and the lake was dotted with waterfowl – swans, Canada geese, and mallards mostly. There was a lot of squabbling – and sometimes outright fighting – going on, about mates, nest sites, or maybe just for more “wing room” on the lake.  We also spotted a muskrat staring up at us from beneath the water – cute, but also a little creepy. Nonetheless, this 2.2 mile (3.5 km) stroll gifted us with a good – and calming – hour in the “wilderness.” 😁

Starting out on the Perimeter Trail
The marshes had yet to spring back from the oppression of winter
The beauty is sometimes in the shapes alone
We could hardly tell that Interstate 35W was just beyond those trees
On the Boardwalk Trail across the lake
The last vestiges of ice on the waters
Another avenue of still leafless trees
Branches as capillaries
Looping back on the Prairie Trail
It’s hard to believe there’s a city of buildings just over there…
Reflections I
Reflections II
Heading back to the boardwalk and the Nature Center
Wood Lake Nature Center

4 thoughts on “Wood Lake Nature Center (Richfield, MN) 19-Apr-2022

  1. Thanks for following our blog (and for inviting us to speak at the library). 😃 We’re going to keep ourselves busy visiting as many of the numerous parks and trails and wild areas in Minnesota as we can. So stay tuned! 😁


  2. While I’ll miss your hikes in southern Oregon, I’m enjoying your new found Minnesota wild areas! (And thanks again for speaking at the Siuslaw Public Library a couple years ago.)


  3. Nature certainly has been (and is) a joy for us. Minnesota may be cold (sometimes) but it has a lot of Nature and a robust state parks system allowing access to that Nature.


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