Bryant Lake Regional Park (Eden Prairie, MN) 29-Jun-2022

Bryant Lake is a small, lakeside park located not far from our new (but 50-year old) home. This park is fairly small, but has lots of water-related activities, disc golf, and a few short trails (Hike #9 in 60 Hikes). It’s chief attraction today was it being between our house and the home store. As we left the house for our gazillionth trip to that store for yet more DIY stuff, we thought: “Why not stop at the park for an hour in Nature? That leak in our plumbing can wait!” So so we did. And it was good. 😁 And the leak went on… πŸ™„

On the paved trail
Such lushness! πŸ˜€
Bryant Lake with a full crop of Water Lilies
On the dirt trail
A small pond hosting turtles, lots of frogs, and at least two muskrats
A fine day at the pond

We note that Congress has recently started hearings on whether UFOs are real (birds aren’t but them UFOs might be!). πŸ›Έ Nice to know that Congress has solved all of our other national problems and the only one left is worrying about UFOs possibly bearing space aliens. πŸ˜’ Or maybe Congress is hoping the Vulcans will show up and save us from ourselves. Whatever. πŸ™„ But we’d like to help by pointing out to that august body that Bryant Park is an official space alien landing site – we saw the sign that proves it!

Space Aliens Land Here!!
Alien or fern? YOU decide!

Later we got to wondering if space aliens might know something about plumbing? πŸ›ΈπŸ˜‰


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