And so our state park quest continued with visits to six parks in far southeastern Minnesota. Out-and-back driving to each from Minneapolis would have been a waste of time and gas. So we basecamped in Rochester and ventured forth from there.

First up was tiny (209 acre / 85 ha) Carley State Park, tucked in an oxbow of the North Branch of the Whitewater River. We did the 1.8 mile (2.9 km) Hiking Club route which includes upland forests and two river crossings.

At the trailhead
On the trail along the river
Our first crossing of the North Branch
Island in the Stream
Following the trail through the veg
Pale Touch-me-not
On the trail through the upland forest
Red Band Fungus
Mossy Maze Polypore fungus
On through the forest
Our second crossing of the North Branch
North Branch
Towering trees along the river

Carley was established to protect a large stand of white pines. It is also well known for its bluebells. Unfortunately, we saw neither of these during today’s visit. 😥

But the lazy North Branch was charming and the towering trees along it and in the uplands were amazing. A short hike but a good one. And a nice warmup for the many, many stairs we would encounter at our second park of the day! 😁

Our route at Carley