We’d really thrown ourselves into the Forestville / Mystery Cave experience. So by the time we reached Lake Louise State Park, both our spirits and the day were waning. And the weather, although not willing to commit to needed rain, was also not willing to give forth with mood-enhancing sunshine. Not that Nature has ever given a furry rodent’s bum about our mood. 😒

Lake Louise deserved more boot time from us (there are 12 miles (19 km) of trails in the park) but all we could muster for was the 1.1 mile (1.8 km) Wildwood Loop (the Hiking Club route). Although sunshine was in short supply this afternoon, there were fallen leaves and a few colorful fungi along the route to distract us. In the end, it was a good leg stretch that got us primed for the two hour drive back to Minneapolis amid the thrills of rush hour traffic. 😲

On the Wildwood Loop, Lake Louise State Park, Minnesota
We start the Wildwood Loop
A Violet Polypore
Another leaf has fallen
A colorful polypore
This leaf will fall
End-of-season Salomon’s Seal
Lake Louise, Lake Louise State Park, Minnesota
Lake Louise from the Little Iowa River Bridge
Little Iowa River, Lake Louise State Park, Minnesota
Little Iowa River
A slough off the lake
And back to the parking lot…
The Hiking Club loop at Lake Louise

And so our six parks in three days southeast state parks quest came to its inevitable end. Guided by the Hiking Club (plus some additions of our own) we got to see maybe not all the best, but certainly representative, parts of each park. We wouldn’t put one over the other since all had something different and interesting to offer. Our Mystery Cave tour was a fascinating added bonus to our hikes. 😉

Winter is coming. 🥶 But we’re hoping to pull off one more multi-park quest Up North before the snow flies. Unless, of course, Nature has other ideas… 🙄😁