A Walk in the Snow (Minnetonka, MN) 16-Nov-2022

On November 2nd the high here was 76℉ (24.4℃). By the 10th it was 64℉ (17.7℃). The next day it was 30℉ (24.4℃). And day after tomorrow, it will be 17℉ (-8.3℃). Winter is here. 🥶 And, oh, we got our first snow too – which lead to 1,300+ traffic accidents state-wide as folks forgot to switch their driving mode from “endless summer” to “freaking slippery.” 😲 Seeing what this weather was doing to the natives, we stayed home.

But, unlike almost everywhere else we’ve ever lived, Minnesota is exceptionally good at clearing snow from the roads. So after just a day of huddling at home, we were able to get out to do some errands in relative safety.

Today we eschewed driving in favor of a walk between Lone and Bryant Lakes – our little local walk. It was cold, calm, overcast, and a far cry aesthetically from when we first did this walk back during the sun-drenched peak of Fall color. 🍂

But we can’t let ourselves succumb to “hibernation syndrome” and curl up inside until summer returns. Short of walking into a blizzard, it’s important health-wise to keep doing outdoor stuff all year round. Gotta keep moving… 🥾

Dropping down to Lone Lake
The dock at Lone Lake
Thin ice on Lone Lake
Water Lilies under ice
Ice abstract I
Ice abstract II
Continuing on…
Over the ridge to the South Fork of Nine Mile Creek
Snow fallen on tree
Still going…
The forest in winter
Reluctant compost with snow
Nine Mile Creek
Ice abstract III
Ever onward…
On the beach at Bryant Lake
Snow, ducks, and one of the docks at Bryant Lake
Sunshine tried (and failed) to breach the overcast 😢
Back under Highway 62
Graffiti as art or art as graffiti?
Oak fallen on snow

Today’s effort was the usual 6 miles (9.6 km) which got us back in time for an inflation fighting lunch at home. 🥪😋 Even though today was officially (per the National Weather Service) a “dreary” one, we still got some good exercise while fine tuning our snow gear. Brightness is expected to return by this weekend (along with a slap of below normal cold temperatures). So maybe we’ll get some sunny winter photos while taking our snow gear up a notch (insulation-wise). 😁


6 thoughts on “A Walk in the Snow (Minnetonka, MN) 16-Nov-2022

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  1. Well, there was that one time in the winter of 1992-93 when Knoxville was paralyzed by a massive snow storm. Caught everyone by surprise – including a bunch of folks on the AT. 🥺 We camped inside our freezing house for 2 days before the power could be restored. 😬 At least here, we’re better prepared for big snowstorms (we hope). 😉


  2. Beautiful! So wonderful to have 4 solid seasons. Any more, I think winter strays in here on some errant Canadian high pressure system them blows out quickly and moderate temperatures return.


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