Lower Purgatory Creek (Eden Prairie, MN) 20-Nov-2022

This was our third visit to Purgatory Creek but the first one with snow on the ground. Today we walked into the Lower Purgatory Creek Conservation Area on the Nature Trail from Homeward Hills Park. We had microspikes with us but they were not needed as the trail was packed snow with good traction. It was a cold (18℉/-7.7℃) morning but sunny and calm, so we actually overheated a bit. Just a tiny bit…😊

Because “hell” and “purgatory” are often (incorrectly) conflated, this little creek’s name makes it seem cursed. It’s not. It’s just a pleasant stream wending its way through Eden Prairie to a confluence with the Minnesota River. The unfortunate name comes from some settler’s awful experience back in the 1850s with mosquitos in the vicinity of the creek. 🦟 While mosquitos and purgatory (or hell) seem made for one another, these pre-DEET folks would have done this creek a favor by not burdening it with their mosquito miseries. πŸ˜’

On the paved path to the Nature Trail
Purgatory Creek in the Lower Purgatory Creek Conservation Area, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Purgatory Creek
On the Nature Trail
Sunshine on the trail 😎
Continuing on…
One of the seven stout bridges that cross the creek
Purgatory Creek in the Lower Purgatory Creek Conservation Area, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Purgatory Creek
An island in the stream
The ice must be sturdier than it looks πŸ€”
Sunny but never above freezing
Crossing one of the long boardwalks near the T-junction
Purgatory Creek
Ice on the waters
Starting back from the T-junction
On the way back…

From Homeward’s outer parking lot to the T-junction and back is just 2.7 miles (4.3 km). But it was enough of a hike to invigorate us for the rigors of grocery shopping among the hoards stocking-up for the Thanksgiving holiday (and food extravaganza) ahead. Fortunately, we don’t eat turkey πŸ¦ƒ and there wasn’t too much of a crowd over in the tofu aisle. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

The Lower Purgatory Creek Nature Trail with its seven bridges and two sets of stairs (S)

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