Storm-a-Geddon finally caught-up with us early on the 23rd. 😲 We had very high winds, but no power outages. And no shore effect snow materialized. Compared to the poor souls in Buffalo 😥 and those experiencing the Southwest Airlines non-travel experience, we got off real light.

Days past as we celebrated Christmas and caught-up with family we hadn’t seen in 3 to 5 years (thanks again COVID! 😒). Finally, sitting and feasting was too much for enough of us that another hike was called for.

So we picked a loop hike that essentially circles Whalebone Creek as it runs through the Brockway-Hawthorne Preserve (administered by the Lyme Land Conservation Trust) and the Selden Creek Preserve (administered by The Nature Conservancy).

With Storm-a-Geddon now behind us (until the next time 🥺), today was bright and sunny and a little cool (i.e., it was just above freezing) – ideal weather for a hike.

Leaving the trailhead in the Brockway-Hawthorne Preserve, Connecticut
Leaving the trailhead in the Brockway-Hawthorne Preserve
Trees and rocks
Yet another stone wall from a long gone farm
Rocks and leaves
Through the winter forest
And across the ice
Ice abstract
Leaves and small bubbles frozen in ice
More frozen bubbles and leaves
Blade-like icicles on rock outcrops above the creek
Spray frozen on twigs
A leaf and ice
Appreciating a massive old tree
Back to the trailhead in the Brockway-Hawthorne Preserve
Back to the trailhead in the Brockway-Hawthorne Preserve

At 3.1 miles (5.0 km), with 380 feet (116 m) of gain, this loop was another great family hike on this last day of our Christmas holiday in the East. We’ll get to see family again at our nephew’s wedding in Virginia next October. 😁

The weather favored us the next day as we headed back to Minneapolis – granting us an on-time and no-drama flying experience. Sophie showered us with abandonment drama when we walked in the door. But she’s a cat, so, within 24 hours, it’ll be back to “Meh” as far as our presence is concerned. 🙄